Monty Oum, known most for his perfectly choreographed fight sequences and animation, has passed at age 33 due to medical complications caused by an allergic reaction earlier today.


He was admitted into intensive care on 21 January when the allergic reaction caused him to slip into a coma which he never recovered from. It’s currently unknown what medical procedure caused it as sources are keeping mum about it. When news originally came about that he was hospitalized, this fans managed to collect nearly 180,000 dollars to help with the talented animator’s recovery.

While most well known for RWBY, being the driving force behind the web-based animated series produced with Rooster Teeth (RWBY, Red vs. Blue) , he first came on the radar thanks to this Haloid videos, followed by the Dead Fantasy series which he has single-handedly produced over the last few years. Monty was also an animator/designer for the Afro Samurai game for the XBOX 360.

While it is unlikely that the RWBY series will come to a halt as the third season is already in development still, Monty will be sorely missed by us all.

via Kotaku

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