The titular character from Card Captor Sakura is back with a brand new figure from S.H Figuarts, and she’s ready to fly back into our hearts.

The brand is pretty well known for creating faithful reproductions of anime characters which are very articulate, and they’ve gone and created a new Card Captor Sakura figurine featuring Sakura in her yellow angel battle costume.

This is the same costume she wears in the second opening of the anime, and the figure comes with her Sealing Wand, a tiny Clow card, four interchangeable face parts, an assortment of hands and of course a teeny tiny Kero-chan.

cardcaptor 2

The best part about the figure is that the Sealing Wand comes with attachable wing extensions in flight form after she uses the Fly card, allowing her to perch on it as she races to the next Clow.

The previous figure made by the brand features Sakura in her first season outfit, but has the same Sealing Wand and Clow accessory minus the wing extensions.

The figure will hit the market on 24 October in Japan and retail for 5, 940 yen plus tax (about RM 203) you can check out the page here, or check out the adorable figure in the gallery below.

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