For those old enough to remember, Saber Rider was one of the more popular eighties cartoons which left lasting impressions on us as did shows like Brave Starr, Galaxy Rangers and other futuristic cowboy themed cartoons. Now Saber Rider is making a comeback, not as a new cartoon series but as a 2D shoot-em-up.

saber rider_4

Since the show aired in the 1986, Saber Rider hasn’t really had a game like some of the other big names in Saturday morning cartoons. Now the cowboy space western is making a return almost 30 years later.

I mean, how could you possibly forget this intro?

The show will be re-imagined as a 2D 16-bit shoot-em up that’s going to hit the Nintendo 3DS and Steam for the PC, MAC and Linux if the project gets funded.

The game essentially aims to retell the full story of the cartoon series, so it’s pretty much a trip back in time for us who do remember watching it as kids. To seal the deal, they’ve decided to reproduce it all in 16 bit!saber rider_5

Take the wheel as one of the four original heroes from the series, Saber, Fireball, April and Colt as you battle the Outriders and their leaders Gattler the Rattler, Jesse Blue the traitor and Nemesis.Aside from the aforementioned side-scrolling action, there will be a mecha segment that lets you control the Ramrod mech.

saber rider_2

The best part? the project has the full support of the original IP owners for the franchise; plus the voice cast for the game have already been nailed down, and they’ve all had a hand in our favourite childhood shows. You can see the primary English voice actor list below.

  • Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime, Voltron) – Narrator, Commander Eagle, Nemesis, Ramrod
  • Rob Paulsen (TMNT Raphael) – Saber Rider, Jesse Blue
  • Pat Fraley (Bravestarr) – Fireball
  • Pat Musick (ThunderCats) – April
  • Townsend Coleman (TMNT Michelangelo) – Colt

saber rider_1

The project has a little less than a week before it ends and they’re still a fair distance away from hitting their goal so they’ll appreciate the help!

You can check out the project here or check out the pitch video below!