The deluge of Sailor Moon merch is far from over, despite the year already drawing to a close. Premium Bandai is introducing yet another item in their Moonlight Memory line, and this time its the Prism Heart Compact Mirror Case that’s used by Sailor Chibi Moon.

The compact features an inlaid image of Neo-Queen Serenity, and once you lift that up you will find a false bottom to store jewelry and similar small knickknacks. So far the Moonlight Memory line has included high quality replicas of the Cosmic Heart, Crystal Star, Prism and Crisis Moon compacts. Apart from that, they’ve also faithfully reproduced the Starry Sky Music Box (Hoshizora no Orgel) Disguise Pen and Moon Stick with Crystal Stand.

Pre-orders are available and you can snag this compact for 4,860 yen (about RM 171), with the compacts to ship out in March.

You can see the entire Moonlight Memory line here.