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The flood of Sailor Moon merch is far from over, with Bandai’s official online store Premium Bandai now taking pre-orders for Puchi Chara Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Black Moon Edition figurines. The SD (super deformed) chibi figures will feature five members of the Black Moon Clan, which are the next batch of villains to be released since the Puchi Chara versions of the Moon Spectre sisters saw their debut earlier this year.

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Villain parade?

The group, comprising of Prince Demand, Blue Saphir, Crimson Rubeus, Green Esmeraude and Black Lady were the main antagonists in the second arc of the Sailor Moon manga and Sailor Moon R anime series.

black moon clan

The figures are about 55mm tall and will be priced at 4,428 yen (about RM 136) for the whole set that’s expected to hit the market in late November this year.

black moon clan3

We are unlikely to see it officially distributed here but they are likely to show up at hobby stores and similar retail outlets.

So who is your fave Sailor Moon villain?

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