If you’re a fan of anime, manga or Japanese culture in general, you’re in for a treat! From 27 to 28 May, the klpac Symphonic Band, under the baton of Cheryl Mah, will be bringing to life some of the most recognisable anime tunes (among other Japanese songs). 

This two-day concert will feature a bunch of Japanese songs that have long been culturally relevant and influential here in Malaysia.

Some of the anime songs that will be performed are:

  • We Are! – One Piece
  • Dancing Pompokolin – Chibi Maruko-chan
  • Sazae-san – Doraemon
  • Courage 100% – Nintama Rantaro
  • Ultraman soundtrack
  • Lupin the Third soundtrack
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind soundtrack

Anime music aside, the programme also mixes things up a bit with a few surprises such as sensational all-girls J-pop group AKB48’s BraBan AKB48! Special Medley, a tribute to the first Asian singer who made it to US Billboard No. 1, Kyu Sakamoto Memorial, Joe Hisaishi’s Stand Alone from the NHK drama Saka Nu Ue No Kumo as well as a song by Teresa Teng.

Cosplayers are encouraged to bust out their costumes and join this epic concert!

Salam Konnichiwa will be staged at klpac from 27 May to 28 May with tickets starting at RM 36.

To purchase tickets:
Call 03 4047 9000