Samsung's new flagship isn't one but 2 phones
Samsung's new flagship isn't one but 2 phones
Samsung’s new flagship isn’t one but 2 phones

You read that right Malaysian Samsung fans. The South Korean giant has finally brought its latest flagship onto Malaysian shores. And unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of months, you’ll know that it’s the prettiest looking Galaxy smartphone the company has come up with yet. That’s not all either, you’re getting not one but two Samsung Galaxy S6s, the Samsung Galaxy S6 proper and the dual side-curved screen version, the Galaxy S6 edge.

The return of Sammy’s hero

Sammy's new hero phone
Sammy’s new hero phone

We’re not kidding when we said it looks really good. It’s all glass and metal for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge and you can say bye bye to plastic on it. It’s unibody design does come with some trade-offs though (yes yes Apple fans, we hear your loud boos and hisses of copycat), like the lack of expandable memory which means that you’re stuck with storage Samsung offers you, which in the case of Malaysia is only the 32GB version. It’s pretty razor thin and light as well measuring in at 6.8mm and weighing 138g.

Of course being the flagship of Sammy’s army of phones, the S6 edge does come with the latest and greatest in specs. So what’s on the list? There’s the octa-core Exynos processor, a nice and generous 3GB of memory, a 5.1 inch QHD (that’s 1440 x 2560 for those of you more detail oriented) screen that curves on one side, and of course the cameras, let’s not forget them. Samsung has improved their camera sensors on the S6 with a a 16MP sensor with OIS and a f/1.9 lens for the back and and more than decent 5MP sensor with OIS and a f/1.9 lens on the front. All of this powered by Android 5.0 Lollipop with Samsung’s own TouchWiz UI.

If you’re expecting some massive bump in battery capacity though, you might be dissapointed as the S6 2550 mAh battery isn’t that much more than it’s predecessor.

The S6 with an extra edge

Oh lookit here, a curved screen
Oh lookit here, a curved screen

Of course Samsung has deigned to not only release one but two versions of the S6. Plain vanilla S6 and it’s extra curvy sibling the S6 edge. Of course if you’re wondering just what’s the difference between vanilla flavoured S6 and the S6 edge, the most obvious difference is physical. Where the S6 is just like its predecessor before with a standard flat screen, the S6 edge throws in a wraparound curved screen into the mix. The curvesd screen isn’t just there for aesthetics as, together with the TouchWiz UI, it becomes an extension of the main screen, allowing notifications and such.

Aside that everything else you get with the S6 is also on the S6 edge when it comes to specs, though you also get a slight bump in battery capacity at 2600 mAh.

Look Ma, no wires

Time to charge with no wires
Time to charge with no wires

Specs and design aside both the S6 and S6 edge are the first phones from Samsung to offer wireless charging. Yep, no more messy cables attached to your phone. Both phones are WPC and PMA certified (those are basically some fancy wireless charging standards), which means they should work with other wireless chargers like the Nokia Wireless Charging Plate.

Still love them wires? Then you’ll be glad to know that both the S6s also sport fast wired charging, purportedly 1.5 times faster than their predecessor the S5. How fast you ask? How about 4 hours of usage after 10 minutes of charging?

Samsung’s most expensive phone yet

So how much you’re wondering, is Sammy’s new smartphones gonna cost you? Well they’ll cost you a pretty penny for sure. With the plain vanilla S6 ging for RM2,599 and the S6 edge going at RM3,099 (both prices inclusive of the new 6% GST by the way), they’re already pushing the Apple level price limits, and this is only on the 32GB versions! With that price you do have a choice of colours though as both come in White Pearl, Black Sapphire, Gold Platinum and an extra Blue Topaz for the S6 and Green Emerald for the S6 edge.

Pre-orders will start from 3rd to 12th April and you should be able to get your grubby hands on an actual unit once it hits stores on 17th April.