Samsung Galaxy
The ubiquitous Samsung GALAXY smartphone

Samsung has developed a new Wi-Fi technology that will bring data transmission speeds up to 5x more than currently available in the consumer market. Imagine a 1GB transferred between devices in less than 3 seconds while being able to stream an uncompressed HD video in real time. Samsung calls it “60GHz Wi-Fi technology” and adopting 802.11ad as the new protocol standard for it. We call it simply “superfast.”

In an official statement by the South Korea giant, this technology removes the gap between theoretical and actual I/O speeds so it exhibits actual speeds more than 10x compared to today’s Wi-Fi technology (you mean we’ve been lied to all this while?). The head of the R&D centre, Kim Chang Yong, claims that Samsung has successfully overcome the commercial barrier for application of 60GHz Wi-Fi technology.

Samsung is expecting the new Wi-Fi technology to be incorporated into its products as early as next year, starting with its AV products, medical and telecommunications equipment.

With new pressures from emerging China manufacturers like Xiaomi, Huawei and OnePlus, Samsung reported a massive 60% plunge in profit for the last quarter citing stagnating smartphone sales plus a commissioning of a new USD$14.6 billion semiconductor plant in South Korea.

Interestingly, it was revealed earlier this month that Samsung paid Microsoft USD$1 billion last year for Microsoft’s owned patents in Android. Right now, Samsung is trying to argue its way out of it by claiming the purchase of Nokia by Microsoft voiding this arrangement.

Innovation and new tech may be one of the ways for Sammy to pull away from intense competition especially in the mobile space.