samsung curved monitors

At the recent Samsung SEA 2016 forum, the brand has revealed two upcoming curved gaming monitors to really let you get in the game.

While curved screens aren’t anything foreign to Samsung, these aren’t their first ever curved screens either, having produced a 27″ inch previously.

Going under the model numbers of CF591 and CF390, the curved monitors feature a 1800R curvature so as to “match the shape of the human eye” for a more natural and therefore comfortable viewing experience.

Both displays are equipped with features to reduce visual fatigue associated with long term gaming. They also have flicker-free and Eye Saver tech to make sure your eyes stay safe during those long hours gaming. Under the hood you will also find AMD FreeSync Technology Over HDMI that will sync your AMD graphic cards to the monitor’s refresh rates to reduce input latency, lag and stutter.

No price has been announced yet for the monitors or local release dates. In the meantime, check out the gallery below for pictures!