Samsung round smartwatch

Samsung round smartwatch

To say that Samsung has jumped on the growing wearables bandwagon would be an understatement. The Korean electronics giant already has several Android smartwatches (including Android Wear), Tizen smartwatches and a fitness tracker. It looks like the Samsung factory isn’t stopping anytime soon with newly found patents pointing to a round-faced smartwatch.

MobileGeeks posted the round watch patents a few days ago, which include “provisions for some sort of gesture control system and charging port on the clasp.”

Samsung won’t be the first to have a round smartwatch though, as Motorola‘s Android Wear-powered Moto 360 beats it to the gate.

Don’t think Sammy’s bothered by that though.

Patents doesn’t mean that the product will hit the market for sure, but it does show Sammy taking the wearables market super seriously.

Wait and see, shall we?

Source: MobileGeeks via Gizmodo