Samsung's new Level series, the company's shot a Apple's bow
Samsung's new Level series, the company's shot a Apple's bow
Samsung’s new Level series, the company’s shot a Apple’s bow

Ah Samsung, where Apple goes, you’re not too far behind eh? With Apple’s purchase of Beats, we were just waiting when Sammy would make their move. It looks like they have with their new premium portable audio line, Level.

With the rather (if we may say) unimaginative names of Level Over, Level In, Level On and Level Box Samsung looks to go toe-to-toe with Beats in all the audio spaces the latter is in. So what does Sammy’s level has in store for us?

Level Over 

We hope those brown bits aren't pleather
We hope those brown bits aren’t pleather

Besides sounding like something that came out from a meme, the Level Over pair of cans are, as the name would hint, a pair of over-the-ears headphones. These ear-cans come with active noise cancellation, on-board controls and wireless connectivity. The active nose cancellation feature employs four mics on the inside and outside of the headphones to cancel outside sounds. They’ve also integrated some sort of tech that’ll prevent booming in the headphones so you’ll get a more original sound from the source. At RM1399, this is would be the most expensive headphones of the Level products so we’d expect some good looks to come with as well. That doesn’t seem to be much of a worry though since the Level Over does come with some nice leather-like (please don’t be pleather) accents and a choice of either white of black.

Level On

The Level Over, headphones for those on the go
The Level Over, headphones for those on the go

The Level On, as the name obviously implies (see the pattern?), is a pair of on-ear headphones. Unlike its more expensive and larger sibling, it isn’t a wireless headset but it does come with some equally comfortable polyurethane cushioning for some comfy audio enjoyment. Targeted mostly at the more mobile users, it also has a foldable design so you’ll be able to bring it anywhere pretty easily. Colour schemes are exactly like the Level Over, with a choice of white and black coupled with more of that leather-like accents. How much is it going to cost? RM699.

Level In

Shut the noise away with these Level Ins
Shut the noise away with these Level Ins

Over, On, In, man Samsung’s naming convention is starting to sound like a children’s game. The Level In is obviously Samsung’s pair of in-ear earphones. It comes with a three-way speaker system consisting of two balanced armatures for treble and mid-range sound and one dynamic speaker for deep bass. Like both its other audio siblings, it also comes in a choice of either white or black and even comes with its own premium carrying case. The price? RM559.

Level Box

Sammy's porable Bluetooth speaker
Sammy’s porable Bluetooth speaker

Finally we come to the non-wearable member of the Level family, the Level Box. This portable Bluetooth speaker measures in at 164.3×62.3×69.2 mm and weighs 600g. That’s comparable to most of the Bluetooth speakers out here in the market. The rather simple design supposedly optimises the noise cancellation and echo reduction but we’d have to test it out first before we confirm that claim of course. And how long will this speaker have juice for some impromptu partying? According to Samsung, the battery ought to have enough juice for up to 15 hours on one single charge. It’s also NFC enabled so you have easy phone and device pairing ticked off as well, and if you, for some reason, ever need to use something like a portable Bluetooth speaker as a hand-free device, yes it does come with its own built-in mic as well. So how much can you expect to drop for this box of sounds? RM659.