Hello Kitty says hi
Hello Kitty says hi
Hello Kitty says hi

The iconic cute symbol from the Land of Rising Sun will receive a movie adaptation according to Sanrio. This isn’t a huge surprise with the amount of brands flocking to the movie scene lately but at the same time we’re not too sure what we feel about it just yet.

According to Deadline, the movie project will receive a lavish budget of reported US$160 – 240 million. The Facebook fanpage hinted on what kind of story we can expect from Hello Kitty movie – “lives in the suburbs of London with her parents and her twin sister Mimmy. She has lots of friends at school with whom she shares many adventures.

The movie is slotted for a global release in 2019. The film will be launched through Sanrio’s new subsidiary in the US. There is even a possibility that other friends of Hello Kitty like My Melody and the Little Twin Stars might show up in the feature film.

Introduced back in 1975, Hello Kitty became a pop culture success story worth US$7 billion annually. The cat mascot merchandise range is incredible, from the humble purse to video games in span of 40 years. Last year, there is even a convention specifically for Hello Kitty in the conjunction of 40th anniversary.

Hello Kitty is no stranger to media, she starred in half a dozen television series, starting with “Hello Kitty Furry Tail Theater” back in 1987 which was shown in the US and Japan.

Source: Deadline

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