Sword Art Online: Code Register and the .hack inspired New World: Vol 1 Ginrui no Otome (Maiden of the Silver Tears) are having a crossover event campaign this month that brings both worlds together.

The tagline even teases the following:

.hack Sword Art Online … In the moment two worlds intersect, a new game story begins.”


Both games, which are available on iOs and Android will be receiving special accessories, costumes as well as be able to participate in special crossover events to win said items.

Those logging into New World from 14 – 28 March will receive a Fairy Yui accessory as well as bonus Kiseki daily.


And players who complete the crossover events ingame will reap themselves some limited Sword Art Online: Code Register costumes as well.


As for those logging into Sword Art Online: Code Register from 13 to 28 March; will get a present to upgrade to a ☆5 BlackRose, Registone, Gold, Scount points or another similar present every day.

On top of that, completing the crossover events will drop limited equipment like a Haseo costume for Kirito or a costume for Asuna. Asuna’s costume hasn’t been revealed yet but it’s pointing towards it being one of BlackRose.



Also, check out the promo video below!