The founder of our beloved Sate Kajang recently passed away due to stage four liver cancer complications earlier today.

Datuk Samuri Juraimi passed away at 12.05 am at his home in Kajang, and is survived by his wife Datin Jani Mohamad Amir and five children, Norsham, Sofian, Nor Ilyana, Shafeq and Nurul Aquilah.

According to his daughter Nor Ilyana, she said the cancer was detected when her father had gone for a health exam following some abdominal pains.

He had been discharged from the hospital five days prior to his passing.

Samuri started his satay business in 1992 when it was just a stall in Kajang, having learnt how to make satay from an immigrant from West Java that he worked under for a few years before getting a job with the government.

It was only later that he started the satay business, but it has since grown into a successful business with 19 shops in major towns and highway rest stops across Selangor.

He eventually went on to receive The Star People’s Food Awards for the best satay in Klang Valley in 2014.

While his business is likely to continue flourishing, he certainly will be missed. May he rest in peace.