Her determination is enough for the Major?
Can she fill the shoes?
Can she fill the shoes?

Yep, it is on. Scarlet Johansson is confirmed to play the main female role in live action Ghost in the Shell movie by Dreamworks. Her action movie credentials are looking mighty impressive now with this iconic anime cyberpunk heroine in her repertoire besides Black Widow in Marvel Cinematic Universe movies.

Predictably, the social media is abuzz with the news – some of the fans are not too pleased with the announcement, fearing another “Aeon Flux” fiasco which bombed badly in the box office a few years ago.

Rupert Sanders is attached to the project after Steven Spielberg’s attempts of a CG adaptation of the franchise went nowhere. Avi Arad and Steven Paul are producing the movie with the script written by Bill Wheeler. Mark Sourian will be the executive producer.

Other of Scarlet Jo’s action movies, “Lucy” despite being panned by critics, made a cool US$394 million worldwide and she becomes inseparable from her portrayal of Black Widow, which audience will again see her in the role in this years summer movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron.

There is no word if the original Japanese setting of the franchise will be modified or “whitewashed” for US audience or not and the date of release yet.

We will find out more soon enough.

Source: Variety

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