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Comic Fiesta 2016 Cosplays

Here’s a list of all the local ACG conventions for 2017 (updated 29/6)

This year, we're expecting just as many conventions happening as the last, so here's a quick breakdown of what cons are happening in Malaysia...

Malaysia’s biggest Pokemon celebration is heading our way!

Pokemon Sun and Moon will be launching later this month, and to commemorate the occasion the biggest Pokemon launch party in the country will...
Pokemon Go launc party malaysia

There’s a Malaysian Pokemon Go launch party happening this weekend

Want to celebrate the launch of the what is the most popular mobile game? Then head over to the Pokemon GO launch party at KDU this weekend
Animangaki 2016

AniManGaki 2016 announces rules for its Gijinka and Cosplay PX competitions

How much can you look like street food or a handful of pixels? Gijinka is the Japanese word for personification or humanisation, and Malaysian festival...

FURUM, Malaysia’s first ever Furry convention is happening this December

FURUM will be running from 19 to 20 December 2015 in Mines Wellness Hotel

The VAX 2015 Survival Guide!

We're here to help you survive the very first VAX!

AniManGaki 2015 is almost here!

Set for Merdeka weekend, are you ready to get sporty?

Looks like an ending to One Piece is in sight

Luffy and his gang will get and ending but it's not going to be anytime soon though