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Full Metal Panic! anime to get three-movie “director’s cut”

The illustrator for Shoji Gatoh's Full Metal Panic! light novel series has revealed that a "director's cut" version of the 2002 Full Metal Panic!...

New Full Metal Panic! anime announced

Full Metal Panic!/ フルメタル パニック!  , the military action thriller with mecha that was popular during mid-2000s is back with a new anime adaptation....

Japanese fans voted the most deserving sequel animes of all time

Japanese fans voted which anime need sequel the most recently via AnimeAnime site

Anime adaptation of The Instructor of Aerial Combat Wizard Candidates announced

Another light novel adaptation of typical seinen story is announced.

Dai-3-Ji Super Robot Wars Z :Tengoku-hen announced

The mecha porn and orgy that is Super Robot Wars is back with a new installment for the PS3 and PS Vita. Expect a 2 April 2015 release

Innovations on the home-front: the smart home and beyond….

Along with our hospitals and cars, our homes have always been a place in which you can find the very latest technology. At the moment, on the home technology front, the smart home is definitely where it’s at….

PlayStation Now is coming, will let you play PS titles on your PC

Update: We've included ALL the games titles you'll be able to play on Playstation Now into the article. Sony has officially announced that they are...

Military exo-skeleton suit TALOS will be ready for US Special Forces soon

Remember the military exo-skeleton worn by the mercenaries in movies like Elysium or Chappie? Or animes like the Starship Trooper OVAs or Metal Skin Panic...