The latest trailer gives a taste of things to come; a peek into the war for Azeroth between orcs and men in the upcoming Warcraft film adaptation. It unveils the setup and relationships of the different factions involved in the realm of Azeroth as well as the impressive visual effects that feature in the movie. With characters from the game and novel, making their debut on the silver screen.

Viewers are teased with the relationship between characters in the upcoming film, a little romance brewing between Travis Kimmel’s Anduin Lothar and Garon Halforcen played by Paula Patton.

“This war might destroy us all, but together we might stand a chance.” Taking a cue from the game, the film does not ignore the diversity that existed in it. Humans won’t be standing alone against the invading Orcs, and this includes the Orc chieftain Durotan voiced by Toby Kebbel.

The CG employed in Warcraft  captures the stylistic essence of the game, down to the epic landscapes and lavish ambient effects. However, the most impressive visual aspect of the trailer has to be the Orcs and the creatures. From what is available, there is no cause for concerns for fans of the popular game, as Duncan Jones’ Warcraft is looking solid.

Warcraft will be out in cinemas on June 10th.