Chaos;Head visual
Chaos;Head visual

Steins;Gate is a popular visual novel by NitroPlus and 5pb which adapted into a successful anime series in 2009 is getting a sequel called Steins;Gate 0. Not only that, a companion series, Chaos;Head is also getting a visual novel sequel called Chaos;Child too.

The lineup for Steins;Gate
The lineup for Steins;Gate

According to official source(s), Chaos;Child is set in the same universe as Chaos;Head down to the same city of Shibuya. The timeline is post conclusion of the first game. The setting/synopsis is like this:

November 6, 2009.
A local Earthquake occurred in Shibuya with a magnitude of 78.
The city of Shibuya, and the area surrounding Shibuya Station is devastated, and the final death toll is 3851 people.

It is currently the year 2015.
The story begins with the reconstruction of a post- earthquake Shibuya…??

The company plans to debut the demo version of the game on three platforms first (PS3, PS4, PS Vita) on 30 March soon. The limited editions will feature papercraft versions of the “Present Box” and drama CD narrated by Mio Kunosato. The game is scheduled for market on 25 June this year.

There is lack of anything about Steins;Gate 0 except that it got an anime adaptation and also comes in as a sequel to Steins;Gate visual novel with new characters join the story. According to the announcement, it is not a fan disc but actual “true sequel” that includes stories from Steins;Gate novels (three of them) and some Drama CDs.

The official synopsis of Steins;Gate 0:

The story of the game and the anime adaptation take place on the beta world line, where Okabe could not save his precious person, Kurisu, on July 28, and ended up returning alone. However, the trailer for the game notes that Okabe does not know that Kurisu is in fact still there.

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Trailer for Chaos;Children:

Meanwhile a teaser is out for Steins;Gate 0 too:

Source: Dengeki Online & SeventhStyle

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