Owari no Seraph/終わりのセラフ or Seraph of the End is getting a game treatment by Bandai Namco, revealed at TGS 2015 recently.

It is titled Owari no Seraph:Unmei / 終わりのセラフ: 運命の始まり no Hajimari or Seraph of the End: The Beginning of Destiny, and is available for PS Vita only. The developers coined this strategy game as a “dramatic tactics battle”-  the crux of the gameplay being the decisions made during the game will affect the ending. Player can choose to level up their bonds with the squadmates on the battlefield by raising the “family level”.

When sufficient points of family level is attained, a special “family event” sequence will happen. Characters will have their own endings if player build enough trust with them in the course of game.The first release of the game will feature a PS Vita theme, digital illustration gallery and interview with the voice cast of the series.

The game is set for shipping on 17 December 2015.