Looks like filming for the upcoming live-action Bleach movie has begun and set photos have made their way to the internet. They don’t look particularly fabulous but they do show off Ichigo in his Shinigami gear, along with his Zanpakuto.

The shoot took place near Sagamai-Ono Station in Kanagawa Prefecture, with the images originally making their appearance on 2ch, Japan’s biggest bulletin board. The images show off actor Sota Fukushi garbed up as Ichigo, though it looks like he won’t be sporting any of that bright orange hair.


His weapon of choice also seems to be pretty close to the first Zanpakuto that he uses in the Anime, maybe we’ll get to see more of them as the movie progresses.

The live-action film is expected to hit cinemas in 2018, so til a full trailer makes its appearance, we’ve just got these photos below. Check them out!