When I first clicked on the Justice League trailer and saw that it’s four minutes long, I hit the pause button immediately. FOUR MINUTES?? That’s pretty damn long. I was worried that Warner Bros would once again show a little too much and ruin the movie going experience. After all, the trailer for Batman V Superman pretty much showed the entire movie. But I decided to give Warner Bros the benefit of the doubt and hit play. Also because film Twitter was blowing up and I was too damn curious. 

Well, Whad’ya know, this trailer DOES NOT contain spoilers. So, it’s safe to watch it. #dedpewlapproved

I wasn’t overly enthusiastic about this movie at first considering the less than stellar Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad. However, this trailer (and the brilliance that is Wonder Woman) got me right back on board.

A few quick thoughts on the trailer:

  1. The colour palette has changed since the last trailer. It’s brighter and more colourful. I am confident that this is Joss Whedon’s doing as Snyder usually drains the colours out of his films and uses a sepia-ish filter.
  2. Batmannews.com made an interesting observation (below). It appears that Joss Whedon will be getting a director credit on Justice League. This doesn’t necessarily come as a surprise, but many, myself included figured that he wouldn’t actually be credited, much like Tony Gilroy’s involvement in Rogue One.

3. There is a mention of GREEN LANTERN in the trailer. “No more lanterns!” Does this mean that the Green Lanterns already exist in this universe?
4. I am now confident, that the T-Rex will be the latest member of the Justice League!

Hey, you! Yes you, hot stuff. Did you get my T-Rex reference? Loved the trailer? Hated it?
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