Remember those Evangelion themed smartphones we were talking about earlier this month? they’re finally here in the flesh thanks to Sharp.

The phone, which potential buyers can apply for the purchase of at 7-11 in Japan, will be open for application starting 2 November or you can sign up online.

The device will feature an ombre purple to green casing with Unit 01 on the back, with green and purple as the general theme of the phone.

The customisation goes far beyond just the casing though, as Sharp is going the whole nine yards by having character voices from the Evangelion anime itself added to the phone. This is on top of new phone wallpapers featuring the art from the franchise to be released every day for a year. These features were among the ones voted in by the fans themselves.

The device is set to retail for a rather obscene 84,240 yen (about RM 3015) so we hope that it has top of the line specs at least. No, we don’t think pressing random buttons will summon your own EVA unit.

They are only going to release 30,000 units of this device so you better be quick if you want to snag yourself one. Of the 30,000 models, 5,000 of them will be shipped in December with the rest to follow in April 2016.