dragon ball

Guess Shenron has found something extra to do when he’s not waiting to grant wishes. The enormous dragon god has been condensed down to a two meter long plush version of himself, at least till someone collects the Dragon Balls and he disappears again.

For those unfamiliar with the Dragon Ball series (where have you been?!) Shenrong is the wish granting dragon god that appears when you collect all the Dragon Balls together. He appears and then disappears as soon as he grants your wish, and the Dragon Balls get dispersed again.

Made with plush material from his snout all the way to his tufty tail, Shenron is perfect for snuggling or draping around your neck as an impromptu scarf. The plush is also incredibly detailed, with tiny nails, spikes and fins designed with care.

The dragon doesn’t come cheap though, as his size demands a price tag of 27,000 yen (about RM 938), with pre-orders already open. You can check out the store page here or check out the gallery below to see the sheer magnitude of this plush.