A July 26 release date for Shin Crossbone Gundam Dust was revealed by Mobile Suite Crossbone Gundam‘s writer and illustrator Yuichi Hasegawa, in the latest issue of Gundam Ace Magazine.

The upcoming Shin Crossbone Gundam Dust will take place in the uncharted timeline, UC 0168. It will take place further down the timeline from the events of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam‘s UC 0153.

With the recent conclusion Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam: Ghost in March, the manga will be the latest continuation of the Mobile Suite Crossbone Gundam series created by Hasegawa.

The long-running series first started with the original Mobile Suite Crossbone Gundam in the first issue of Kadokawa’s Shonen Ace magazine in 1994. It served as a direct sequel to the anime film, Mobile Suit Gundam F91.

The writer and illustrator further the Crossbone Gundam series with a manga short stories, Mobile Suite Crossbone Gundam: Skull Heart, which ran for a year in 2003.  This was followed suit by Mobile Suite Crossbone Gundam: Steel Seven manga in 2006.

Shin Crossbone Gundam Dust will be the a continuation of the series and is preceded by the Mobile Suite Crossbone Gundam: Ghost manga that debut in 2012.