The man in his own element
The man in his own element

One of the most iconic name in the anime industry, Shoji Kawamori is going to be present at the upcoming Visual Arts Expo in Malaysia.

This is the man who created the phenomenon of transformable mecha, everyday objects into humanoid shape ranging from Generation One Transformers to the beloved franchise Macross. For 30 years, this iconic franchise is still being touted as one of the best in the mecha genre, with the latest iteration being the popular Macross Frontier back in 2008. Now, they are working on the new chapter of Macross codenamed Delta and even held a nationwide search for the next idol to act/sing in Macross Delta.

His movie credits are equally impressive as the director of the cult classic Super Dimensional Fortress Macross – Do You Remember Love and the unique mecha series Sousei no Aquarion. He oversees every aspect of movie making for the Macross movie ranging from the conception, composition right down to art direction. The Sousei no Aquarion series will be airing its third run soon next season as Aquarion Logos. For some idea on just how awesome this man is, just take a look at his volume of work listed here.

Visual Arts Expo 2015 or VAX 2015 is a two day event held at Mines International Exhibition and Convention Centre from 21-23 August 2015. It is “the best and the cutting-edge in visual arts, which encompasses animation, comics, film, music and video games” and “hope to establish new relationships and spark more growth for both local and foreign creatives .”

The anime maestro will be giving talks and tips on being a creator at VAX 2015.

Tickets will be starting from RM 15 for a single day pass to RM 25 for both days early bird pass.

Source: VAX 2015

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