Two ultra-detailed figures of Green Lantern and Aquaman from Sideshow Collectibles are out and ready for preorder, and they’ll only set you back $450.

Sideshow Collectibles is known for high-end figures, especially those from their Premium Format line of figures. If you are a huge fan of these characters and have a few hundred dollars to burn, these would look mighty fine in your collection. Other figures from their DC line include Batman, Superman and Wonderwoman; among other villains and heroes.

sideshow_GL“Beware my power, Green Lantern’s light!” 

Limited only by his own willpower and imagination, Hal Jordan is Earth’s first – and possibly greatest – member of the intergalactic Green Lantern Corps! When dying alien Abin Sur crash-landed on Earth, his power ring sought a worthy successor, and ultimately chose humble test pilot Hal Jordan for his ability to overcome great fear. Proudly inheriting the mantle of Green Lantern with power battery in hand, the muscular masked hero stands showcased in his emerald green and black costume with power battery in hand. Ascending a solid acid-green construct stairway of his own making, Green Lantern is sworn to guard his Sector, and protect our planet – in brightest day and in blackest night!
sideshow_AMHeir to the throne of Atlantis, and King of the Seven Seas – all hail Aquaman!

Gifted with extraordinary aquatic abilities, Arthur Curry rises from the depths wielding his mighty trident, a powerful enchanted weapon and symbol of sovereign authority. Striking a commanding pose in a regal gold and green incarnation of his iconic costume, the sworn protector of the planet swells with cool determination at the edge of the surf, as tumultuous waves break over the Atlantean themed base at his feet. Celebrating a rich comic book history, multiple display options give collectors the ability to choose between Aquaman’s classic look with short cropped wavy blonde hair, or his grizzled appearance from later story arcs, when he sports long hair, a shaggy beard and a prosthetic harpoon hand that doubles as a grappling hook.

You can check out both figures in detail in our gallery below!