Power Rangers Singapore wedding

There are Power Rangers fans and then there Power Rangers super-fans. This particular couple in Singapore is very likely in the latter group.

Weddings are usually a very joyful affair and traditional Malay weddings are no exception. However, this particular Singaporean couple decided to take a slightly, less than traditional take on their day of nuptials by bringing in the Power Rangers to their wedding.

In a video posted on the Facebook page, Fabrications about the Pap, we can see the bride and groom of the special day being accompanied by an entourage of Power Rangers including the Green Ranger, Red Ranger and Gold Ranger from Power Rangers: Mystic Force. The Rangers weren’t the only one that made an appearance as Marvel’s Black Panther was also part of the wedding entourage.

Another Youtube video shows a clearer picture of the Rangers and Black Panther in action, performing a couple of silat moves for the entertainment of the married couple and wedding guests.

It’s great to see that some people are so into Power Rangers fandom that they’d even incorporate it into their traditional wedding. How many of you would be big enough of a fan to do that?