Sony’s got a new, tiny controller for their PS4 called the Mini Wired Gamepad, great for the young’uns or those with small hands.

Japanese peripheral maker Hori is behind the new controllers and they’re 40% smaller than your average DualShock 4.

The device will be retailing for USD$30 (about RM126) and comes in blue. It also comes with a wired setup (10 ft cable) so it should still be plenty long to reach from your TV to your couch.

But there are a few catches. The mini controller doesn’t have a light bar, a touchpad, stereo headset jack, speaker, motion sensing or vibration, so if you’re looking for any of those features, you’re right outta luck. But it does have a button in the middle that replicates the effect of the touchpad, though sans all the actual tracking.

The Mini Wired Gamepad is set to drop sometime this holiday season.