Sony recently reported that it will be no longer shipping PlayStation 3 consoles in Japan and they will no longer be stocking the console on the Sony Store.

But it’s not as if this wasn’t coming, as they’ve previously announced a few months back that they were already planning on discontinuing the console.

Despite this, the site still is listing PS3 software titles. Other major Japanese retailers such as Bic Camera, Sofmap, and Yodobashi have also taken it off the shelves. Given that it’s been 11 years since the PlayStation 3 went global, it’s no surprise that Sony is finally pulling the plug especially since Sony’s consoles tend to have a ten-year life cycle.

If you still want to grab a PlayStation 3, you’ll still be able to find units floating about the market (or in places that still have stock available) but it won’t be too long before these run out.