Sony A20 All colours

Sony has unveiled yet another range of colourful audio products, bringing a new pair of headphones and High-Resolution Walkman device to the Malaysian market.

The new gadgets, named the h.ear headphones, and the NW-A25 & NW-A26HN Walkmans are basically their latest offerings in audio tech and style as they all sport eyecatching colours.

The NW-A25 and NW-A26HN Walkmans

sony NW-A20

The new NW-A25 and NW-A26HN Walkmans are basically the same device but with two different memory sizes and goodies. Coming in Charcoal Black, Silver, Viridian Blue, Bordeaux Pink and Cinnabar Red the device also sports 16GB storage. The NW-A26HN on the other hand features 32GB storage but only comes in Charcoal Black and Silver. Aside from this, both devices are capable of High-Res Audio and advancements to Sony’s S-Master HX amplifier which gives you even better audio quality.

To top it off, both devices sport 50 hour battery life and have microSD slots if you need even more space. The NW-A26HN Walkman comes bundled with Digital Noise Cancelling headphones to boot.

The NW-A25 retails for RM 799 while the NW-A26HN markets for RM 1,099.

h.ear headphones

The h.ear headphones on the other hand come in three flavours; h.ear on, h.ear in and h.ear in NC.

sony hear on

The h.ear on headphones are an on-ear headband ensamble that is oozing with style. Made with High-Res Audio in mind, the headphones have a 40mm HD driver unit that can handle up to 60kHz while lightweight CCAW voice coils handle clear sound reproduction. They’re also foldable with a detachable cross-talk reducing cable to allow for easy storage.

The h.ear in NC noise cancelling in-ear headphones is exactly what its name implies. Featuring Sony’s newly developed compact 9mm driver unit, this compact headphones produce frequencies of up to 40kHz for High-Res Audio capabilities. Last but not least, the Automatic AI Noise Cancelling tech filters out noises for up to 16 hours, which can then be recharged via USB so you can continue on your merry way.

sony hear in NC

The final device in the range are the h.ear in headphones. Hewn from aluminum, the h.ear in headphones feature a 9mm high-sensitivity driver unit that faithfully reproduces music in High-Res. The Beat Response Control helps improve overall characteristics of your bass and rhythm and the acoustic port controls air flow for more solid bass. The cable is similar to that of the h.ear on headphones as well.

The h.ear on retails for RM 699, the h.ear in NC for RM 499 and the h.ear in goes for RM 399.

So which is your favourite bit of gear?