Sony’s just revealed their PlayStation 4 Slim for real, after a massive amount of leaks leading up to the launch, alongside a bunch of updated peripherals set to launch in mid-October.

The device essentially looks the same as what was in the leaks and it doesn’t look like there’s any big changes in hardware. Granted the design is a lot slimmer and they’ve made a few aesthetic changes but internally, this is still roughly the same PS4, with added PSVR compatibility.


The PS4 Slim will come in two flavours, a 500GB version and a 1TB version, with the regional pricing and launch dates below:

Malaysia : RM1,349/1,499 (mid-October)
Philippines: PHP17,300/18,900 (24 Sept)
Singapore: SGD449/499 (17 Sept)
Thailand: THB12,990/13,900 (1 Oct)

There will also be a handful of game bundles for the PS4 Slim, namely Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, NBA2K17, Mafia III, and Watchdogs to name a few, though the availability varies from country to country. For those who enjoy sports games like FIFA17, Winning Eleven, and NBA2K17, you’ll get this special jersey when you purchase any one of those games with your new PS4 Slim.

As for the peripherals, Sony has a brand new Wireless DualShock 4 controller, a new PlayStation Camera and a vertical stand that’s designed for the new slim PS4 and the PS4 Pro .Should you want it, the vertical stand retails at RM119.


The new controller doesn’t exactly look different from its predecessor, but now sports a new luminous line that’s the same colour as the status bar, will be available at RM209, in classic Black, Red and Blue.


There’s also an updated camera, which will be available as a bundle with the PSVR. Unfortunately, if you want the Move, you’ll have to get it separately. The camera retails for RM229.

The PSVR is set to drop locally this October, and is expected to retail at RM1,849 standalone, or RM2,029 for the camera bundle.


Last but not least is the Platinum Wireless Headset. The unit is priced at USD$159 and is an update to their current gen of wireless gaming headsets, as such sharing the same looks as its predecessors as well.

All of the new peripherals and the PlayStation 4 Slim will be available from mid-October onwards. Look forward to a local launch.