The Sony PlayStation 4 Pro has just returned at literally the lowest price the console is sold.

What sets the Pro apart from the “regular” PS4 is that it’s able to play games at 4K resolution and sports double the graphical kick the original had. Sure, you only get to enjoy the bonuses when you have a 4K TV and you’re playing games that support 4K, but it even looks good when running on your regular old 1080p TV.

This time around, the PS4 Pro basically is going for RM1,499 from local retailer HeavyArm as part of their Merdeka promo, but Lazada is also offering the console at the same price and it even gets a 2-year extended warranty too.

We’re talking a few hundred Ringgit worth of savings here. Which you can then use to buy yourself some games!

If you’ve been wanting to grab yourself a PS4 Pro, now might be a good time to snag one, before they go back to their usual RM 1799 price point.

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