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Malaysian born James Wan (Saw, Fast & Furious 7) is in “early talks” with Sony to possibly direct Robotech according to a few sources. Fresh from his US$1.3 billion Fast & Furious 7 success, the director reportedly wants to return to his favourite genre which is horror. Sony though, really wants him to do another action flick and it seems Robotech is the movie they’re settling for after acquiring the rights for it.

Wan’s latest success has enabled the director to have a rich pick of projects and it seems that’s quite a number on the table for him. Among them include Aquaman at Warner Bros, Malignant Man at 20th Century Fox and the continuation of The Conjuring for New Line Cinemas. Not surprisingly, Universal is also pushing for him to do Fast & Furious 8 too.

Reports have indicated that he is already committed to The Conjuring: The Enfield Poltergeist for 2016 release but Sony and Warner are willing to wait for him to finish the project before starting on theirs, which is a testament how valuable he is right now.

If he does accept the Robotech gig, Sony hopes that Wan will be able to launch another franchise success. Considering his track record, starting up not one but three healthy film franchises; Saw, The Conjuring and Insidious, we can see why Sony is quite eager to have him onboard.

Source: THR & Deadline

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