Oh look, a waterproofed tablet and smartwatch
Oh look, a waterproofed tablet and smartwatch

Looks like we’ll be seeing a new compact tablet and smartwatch from Sony this coming IFA 2014.

How do we know that? Well, seems that Sony accidentally leaked the images themselves in a promo image on their Xperia Facebook page. The image shows the tablet being used by a poolside and the smartwatch itself is also pretty obvious, but why you might ask, do we think it’s the Z3 compact? That’s because the image shows a tablet that’s pretty compact (duh…) and in an earlier Phone Arena report on the Sony Bluetooth speaker, the Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact was seen as a compatible device with the speaker. Considering the size of the image in question, it’s not that hard to deduce what that compact device shown is.

That’s the only thing we’ve managed to gleam from the image since no other details were mentioned though we’re pretty sure, based on the setting of the picture, that both the new Sony Smartband and tablet is going to be at least waterproof.

Of course with IFA 2014 just weeks away, we’ll have definite proof of it by then so stay tuned for more updates

Source: Phone arena and Sony Xperia Facebook