Sony‘s gone and announced quite a few things at MWC 2016, including a new range of Xperia X phones, a super cool “personalised assistant” and of course the Xperia Eye, a little lifelogging camera you can literally wear around your neck.

This time around, Sony is a lot less about its phones but is also showing off some “product concepts” that the brand is interested in releasing in the future, depending on the press’ reaction to them during MWC.


While the Xperia Eye isn’t exactly your Go Pro or HTC RE, its a wide angle camera that you hang from your neck so you can capture your life hands free. As expected, the device is chock full of Sony’s image sensors and sports a 360-degree spherical lens so you can capture, well, everything.

It apparently is even smart enough to know when to shoot based on people’s facial expressions and from your voice as well.

However the tech doesn’t seem to be all that new as other devices have had such capabilities way before Sony brought out the Xperia Eye. Still, we do think its pretty snazzy, especially if you’re the sort who likes to take vlogs.

You can check out more images of the Xperia Eye down below!: