Square Enix announced on Thursday that they are launching a new arcade game called Figureheads Ace.

A free-to-play shooter game, Figureheads launched for PC in Japan in March 2016 after some beta testing. A year later, the game was launched on PlayStation 4, in March 2017.

Figureheads Ace will take place in the same world as Figureheads but will have a completely different set of rules and circumstances. According to Anime News Network, in Figureheads Ace, players can gather parts to customise a robot called “2Foot” and compete online in three vs. three matches. The game allows the player to install a “Figurehead” as the brain of their 2Foot. These Figureheads will allow the robot to have special skills and will also voice updates on the battle’s progress.

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Figureheads Ace will hit the arcades in Japan come 21 June.