Square Enix is shutting down their “Dive In” streaming service starting 13 September 2015.

The service began last September, allowing purchasers to buy games like Final Fantasy XIII for a limited period of time which are playable on PC, tablets or smartphones via Wi-Fi streaming. The company then announced the termination of the service via their official site a few days ago.

Dive In was the Square Enix’s attempt to compete with stuff like PSNow, offering a streaming game rental service for players on tablets and PCs. Sadly that means PC players will never get a taste of Lightning Returns as the game is supposed to be available on the service this year. Now, with this development, it seems like PC users will have to wait a little longer for this game to be ported over.

Anyone who bought the one year plan for the game will be refunded in full amount regardless of the remaining period of time. Square Enix says it will continue with various cloud technology initiatives to deliver a better content in the coming future.

Via Games Talk

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