For those who were looking forward to Star Fox Zero for the Wii U, prepare to be disappointed.

The game has been in development for awhile now and through a statement from Nintendo’s Shigero Miyamoto on Facebook, we now know that Star Fox Zero will be delayed for release. The title was originally set for a release this year and it was apparently moving along pretty well, but the developers want to polish the game even more despite it already being pretty much ready to a holiday season release.

Star Fox Zero is supposed be the next step for the Star Fox franchise, which saw its last title in 2006 on the Nintendo DS. Lucky for us, the game apparently isn’t going to be delayed for too long as they’ve relocated the launch date to Q1 2016, so keep your fingers crossed they don’t push it further off.

In the mean time, there’s always Mario Maker to have fun with.

via Kotaku