Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is a new TV Series short that focuses on some of the prominent female characters in the Star Wars lore. You can click here for an article I previously wrote to understand what on earth this show is about, in detail. The first (Rey centric) episode dropped today, and I must say it’s pretty solid.

Check it out below:

Running at under three minutes, the first episode of Star Wars: Forces of Destiny focuses on Rey and what happened in between the moment she finds BB8 and the moment she reaches her makeshift house. And it’s a relatively entertaining three minutes. We see get more of what we already know about Rey – kind, strong and smart.

The question is, do we really care?

I don’t. Not for this story at least. C’mon, there was a million different things they could have done with Rey that would have been way more interesting than watching her rescue BB8 from an alien. Perhaps we could have seen her eating bread and talking to BB8 about her family? Or maybe even see her learning to pilot a ship for the first time.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not purposely trying to hate on it. I know it’s meant to showcase the females of Star Wars in a quick and fun way. And heck, I did have fun watching it. But I do feel that Lucasfilm could have come up with something that’s a little bit more interesting.

The subsequent Forces of Destiny shorts will be coming out this month. Stay tuned.