This memo that has been dropped to Starbucks employees reveals that new Pokemon will be coming to Pokemon Go this Thursday. Is this the big 2nd gen update we’ve been waiting for?

At the moment, there’s no clear indication whether or not this update is the one which will unlock the Pokemon Gold and Silver Pokemon into Pokemon Go, of if it is just releasing just one specific Pokemon.

The memo also just shows off one Pikachu so it’s possible that its some kind of special Pikachu? we don’t really know at the moment.

pokemon go starbucks memo

The memo itself describes a Pokemon Go frappe, which seems to be full of berries (yuck). The event will also turn all Starbucks locations in the US into Pokestops, but we’re unsure if we’re getting that promo here.

Either way, fingers crossed that we’ll be getting the 2nd gen Pokedex soon!