For fans of old-school stealth games, rejoice! Aragami is here to carry the torch for the genre. Heavily inspired by classic stealth game like Tenchu and Metal Gear Solid, the highly stylised game put players in the padded soles of an undead assassin, Aragami with the power to control the shadows.

For this stealth game, darkness is a crucial ally as it allows players to teleport to other shadows, materialise physical weapons from thin air and even summon a dragon to deal with enemies.

These abilities are crucial for you to help free Yamiko, who has brought Aragami back to life, from her prison in the mountain fortress of Kyuryu. Helping her is the key to unlocking the secret of your past life.

In the game, the developer has distinguished players into two types, demons and ghost. The former are those who love to approach the challenge with force, killing every enemy to beat the level. While, ghosts are players who prefer to complete a challenge by using stealth. In Aragami, different abilities will be unlocked depending on the style of gameplay the player.

Spanish game developer, Lince Works originally conceived the game under the title Twin Souls: the Path of Shadows for their Kick Starter campaign in 2014. The game would be released globally on the PlayStation 4 and PC this fall.