We already know that Stephen King’s The Dark Tower movie was going to come with a companion TV series, but now that the series is finally moving forward we have some new details on the show.

The series will be based on another of King’s novels Wizard and Glass, which will focus on a younger Roland Deschain and his backstory. In short, the story will be centering around “Roland and his ka-tet of fate-forged allies, including the boy Jake, listening to the story of the gunslinger’s past while preparing for the next leg of their journey.”

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The TV series will be seeing Idris Elba reprise his role as Roland and Tom Taylor as Jake Chambers. No word whether or not Matthew McConaughey will be back as the Man in Black, but since the character has many guises throughout the stories, getting a different actor for him isn’t really an issue.

MRC and Sony Pictures are already financing a full season of about 10 – 13 episodes, though how many episodes exactly will depend on how the script develops. Granted the project still doesn’t have a distributor, it shouldn’t be hard to get one on board.

The Dark Tower TV series will start shooting in 2017, possibly to premiere in 2018.