Netflix‘s Stranger Things series might have come to a close, but showrunners want to give it a little more while we wait for Netflix to officially renew the show for its 2nd season.

The Duffer Brothers had a chat with IGN on how they were going to bridge the gap between the two seasons (they do have several seasons planned after all) because they also want to do a bit of a time jump. Especially since some of their stars have grown up a bit.

However, what they really want is a video game, specifically an 8-bit one, especially since fans have been coming up with some super cool 8-bit concepts based on the show. There’s a lot that can be done considering the horror setting, and really, the show lends itself really well to the style.

Here’s a couple of ’em.

stranger things game._2jpg
by Matheus Bitencourt

stranger things game._3

There’s even an 8-bit version of the theme song.

We can totally see Stranger Things as an 8-bit adventure game. Heck, we HOPE that they actually make one.

If you haven’t caught the series yet, we strongly suggest you do! especially if you’re a big fan of Stephen King‘s stuff. Just not that clown though.