The title name of the game

Capcom is releasing another title in its very iconic Street Fighter franchise Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits — for iOS and Android. Many gamers will remember the Street Fighter puzzle games from a few years ago so gamers will somewhat know what to expect from this new title. No specific release date yet but it’s expected to be in “Winter 2014”.

So far no news if the game will be available outside Japan, either.

Street Fighter fans can look forward to more action-packed puzzles featuring few familiar characters spotted so far – Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Sakura and Guile. Players can use other special moves after gaining sufficient power ups in the game, just like Puzzles & Dragons. You only need to tap on the move icon on screen to activate. Apparently, Capcom plans to include some RPG elements in this game. How this will work or how it will be incorporated will be interesting to see.

Only Street Fighter characters will appear in this game, complete with their background themes e.g. Ryu’s rooftop stage seen in the teaser below.


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