Finally, Capcom is letting the genie out of speculative bottle– the official release date of Street Fighter V during Sony’s Paris Games Week media session.

The PS4 and PC exclusive fighting game will be launched in North America and Europe on 16 February 2016 with 16 fighters ready. Six more will be rolled out through 2016, with Capcom aiming to have a roster of 22 fighters by the end of 2016.

On top of that, the famous yogi fighter Dhalsim is back and is sporting a long white beard to show his age.


Capcom also talks about Fight Money, promising to detail it further when the game comes out next year. For now, the company reveals two ways to earn Fight Money – daily goals such as “landing X number of Hadokens” and so on. The amount of Fight Money earned is based on the difficulty level. It is designed to help busy players to earn characters for free and it is designed for frequency of play, not long grinding sessions.

Another way to earn the Fight Money in Street Fighter V is leveling individual characters. Players can earn the it via the single or multi player modes. Capcom assures that this will not affect the game balance as it only shows how much time and effort a player puts into a character. Everytime the player levels up the character, he/she will receive player bonus and its gets progressively harder as levels go up.

For some players with lots of cash and lack of patience, he/she can opt to obtain the additional content instantly using the Capcom currency called zenny, purchasable with real world money, but where’s the fun in that.