Kiznaiver Anime coming

Studio Trigger has just revealed the brand new original TV anime project they were teasing. It will be called Kiznaiver, as revealed November issue of PASH! magazine, and it is set with a pretty interesting premise.

Kiznaiver is set in the fictional Japanese city of Sugomori, where the Kizuna System is an (incomplete) system that aims for world peace through connecting people through their wounds. A Kiznaiver is one such person connected to the system and when one is wounded, the system divides and transmits the wound to other Kiznaivers. Ouch.

The character list is as follows:

Noriko Sonosaki: A mysterious and beautiful girl who experienced kizuna (connection) with Katsuhira and the others, and assigns them missions. She is even more emotionless than Katsuhira, and feels no human kindness.

Katsuhira Akata: The story’s protagonist. His sense of pain and his own feelings are dulled. His moods barely fluctuate, and he pays little attention to other people.

Hajime Tenga: A muscular idiot who tends not to look before he leaps. While he presents a rude front, he possesses the potential for leadership.

Tsuguto Yoshida: A handsome and self-satisfied honor student who is always surrounded by girls. He is a selfish and calculating man with an underhanded nature, and is cold to other men.

Honoka Maki: A girl who exudes a calm, grown-up air, and who tends not to group with people. She tends to say mean things, glare menacingly, and is generally unsociable.

Chidori Takashiro: Katsuhira’s friend, and the class representative-type who always sees to everyone’s needs (or is nosy, if viewed negatively). Does she hold complex feelings for Katsuhira?

Niko Niiyama: A mysterious yet spontaneous girl who says she can see fairies. Her personality is clear not just in her attitude but also in her fashion.

Yoshiharu Hisomu: A handsome man with a distinct face that anyone can recognize, but he is surrounded by many mysteries. His multiple piercings and his bandaged look are extremely distinctive.

Hiroshi Kobayashi (Rage of Bahamut, Kill la Kill) will be making his directorial debut with Mari Okada (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Iron Blooded Orphans, Anohana) handling the script. Shirow Miwa (Dogs: Bullets & Carnage) is doing the original character designs while Mai Yoneyama (Kill la Kill, Hill Climb Girl) is adapting the designs for the animation.

kiznaiver_2So what do you think about the anime so far? can world peace really be enforced by inflicting wounds on everyone? let us know in the comments.