Subaru has unveiled the one and only WRX 4, a turbo charged sedan equipped with all wheel drive model with Hokago no Pleiades anime itasha.

Itasha refers to the decal art that decorates the car and it is often done as fan’s tribute to the anime series, movie, games etc. Rarely does the official automobile maker will get involved in this sort of thing.

Close up on the details of the itasha
Close up on the details of the itasha

Subaru is one of the major sponsors of the mahou shoujo anime series produced by Studio Gainax hence the connection here. The WRX series is well known for their ruggedness and good turning radius – making it one of the most recognizable cars for rally racing around the world.

subaruitashahnp3This particular model has shiny colours for the interior instead of the standard issue and comes with pastel pink for the wheels, which is usually decked in silver gold in for the regular version.




The standard WRX 4
The standard WRX 4

This car is not really new as it is used to promote the anime series all around Japan, clocking in around 7000 km of mileage. Subaru listed down the price of this model as 5,500,000 Yen (RM$198,000), quite a hefty sum considering the standard models are priced around 3,348,000 Yen (RM$120,000) at Japan.

Subaru will hold a lottery event to award one lucky fan the chance to buy this official itasha model from them. Fans can try their luck until 24 November 2015 where they will announce the lucky fan who gets to buy this car.

Ah, Japan.