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Have a geek/otaku article you’ve been meaning to write? Do you want it to be featured on The Hyped Geek? The you’re in the right page! The Hyped Geek accepts submissions for our site and if we think your content is good, it’ll be published.

We do receive a high amount of submissions and will publish those that we feel are suitable. It will take us up to two weeks from your submission date to read and process the suitability of the content, though longer pieces will take a lengthier time. We will endeavour to inform you in a timely manner if your article has been rejected, however, if you do not hear from us after two weeks, feel free to submit your content elsewhere.

If you are sending us content, please take note of a few things:

1. You are to submit the FINAL version of the content. Do not send copies or revisions as we will evaluate the first submission or not at all.

2. If you want to remain anonymous or publish your content in your article, please state so in the form. We will still require your real name for records purposes. If you want to publish the article under a pen name, please indicate so in the form. Proper names please, we will not publish articles that use funny screen names.

3. Please keep the topics related to what The Hyped Geek publishes, meaning anything related to cool gadgets and gear, anime/otaku stuff, comics, geek movies and toys.

4. If you are a PR agency or brand that would like us to cover any of your announcements, this isn’t the place to submit them. Instead, email us at hello@thehypedgeek.com.

5. Please, please, please read the submission agreement properly before you click send.

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