Ever wanted to date a skeleton? well with this dating sim Sukerunton To Koi Ni (To Love a Skeleton) you can get your bone on with a bunch of bishie skeletons. No, we aren’t kidding.

The game is currently available in the form of an alpha demo on IndieDB which you can download for free if it tickles your fancy.


To sum up the game, it takes place in a high school full of skeletons (who are aware that they are dead, but still have fantastic hair) that you can befriend. You can also fall in love with them, by playing mini-games like Snake. This isn’t no Hunie Pop but we still think its hilarious.


The Sukerunton To Koi Ni does seem to have some spooky elements to it still, as the description warns players, and as you initially meet the main cast of lovelybones, they seem to be flesh and blood as well.

“Take caution. Something is strange about this high school and it isn’t the skeletons rattling their bones on campus. Maybe this school isn’t such a peaceful realm as it appears,”

We’re pretty convinced the heroine is a bit sight impaired

The game currently has a Kickstarter running to fund proper game assets and voice acting, so go check it out.

You can check out the trailer below!